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Unchanging Love - featuring Demi Riley (2021)

This 4 track EP is in the styles of Reggae, Dance Music, Drum and Bass and Trance. You may recognise this from the New Wine Worship album Spirit Fall. If you want to jam along, it's song number 3097 in Songs of Fellowship volume 6.

Unchanging Love by Newton Apple, music artwork. Image showing The Eiffel Tower, a statue and two ornamental lamp posts, silhouetted against an orange sunset.
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Dieu est Amour (2021)

  • Dieu Est Amour

  • Easy on the Water

Jesus You Are Holy (2020)

  • Jesus You Are Holy (featuring Demi Riley)

  • Refine My Heart (featuring Demi Riley)

Life to the Full (2018)

  • Life to the Full by Newton Apple (featuring L. A. Ed)

Omnipresence (2017)

  • Omnipresence (Drum and Bass Remix) featuring Rachel Cadby

  • Omnipresence (Remastered) featuring Rachel Cadby

Grace and Peace to You (2016)

  • Grace and Peace to You (Grace Mix)

  • Grace and Peace to You (Peace Mix)

Tracks from Dance Before The King (2003)

Listen to these samples all in one track on SoundCloud or individual tracks below:
Newton Apple · Tracks From Dance Before The King

  • Prelude

  • Dance Before The King

  • 40 Desert Days

  • Let There Be a Downpour (Prayer Edit)

  • Omnipresence

  • Second Anthem

  • The Heavens Declare

  • Jasper and Carnelian

  • The Thessalonians

  • A Psalmple

  • The Dreams You Gave Me (featuring Rachel Cadby)

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